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Introducing... Polyjuice!


When we took over the business as new owners, the House Professors wraps was our first Girasol invoice. When it arrived we were startled to discover that the Weasley twins played an epic prank on us, and boy were we surprised when we found this beauty where we were expecting Professor Flitwick!


This is the Weasley twin design previously done by Kali Designs for us, on the House wraps black warp... and it's been named Polyjuice by those who had it pre-ordered!


Polyjuice is woven in Girasol's standard twill weave and is available in cuervo (black) weft (for now... though the Fred and George purple and orange may be joining it in the future)!


100% Cotton |  Handwoven in Guatemala

Girasol Polyjuice

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