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Pre-orders allow you to reserve a carrier before it is released with only a deposit. You will have a set timeframe (usually 1 week) to order the carrier in the size of your choice. Once the pre-orders close, the carriers will then be listed as a Pre-Sale. Pre-sales work the same as pre-orders, but the quantities are limited. If we order any extras after the pre-order closes, they will be listed as a pre-sale. You can still reserve a pre-sale with a deposit and pay the balance once it arrives. When the carriers are enroute to Risaroo, they will be listed as "on the way" and this will be your last chance to reserve with a deposit. Once the carriers arrive at Risaroo headquarters, balance invoices will be sent for all Pre-Order, Pre-Sale and On The Way purchases and any extras will be listed in our In-Stock category.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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