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We are so excited to introduce you to our newest exclusive, Be Our Guest! Inspired by one of our all time favorite Disney movies, Beauty and the Beast, this design brings everything we love about this movie to life through color! From the light blue of Belle's simple dress and the beautiful golden, yellow of her ball gown to the dark, bold colors of the beast including his blue dress coat. And, you can't forget the beautiful, red rose! You will also see other characters represented in this design, including Lumiere (yellow), Cogsworth (yellow and brown), Gaston (red/burgundy), Mrs. Potts and Chip (creme and light blue)! Be our Guest is woven by Girasol in a black weft and their standard twill weave. The black weft will insure that each color in this design remains true and bold.


A special thank you to Kali Designs for translating our ideas into beautiful designs!


100% cotton | Handwoven in Guatemala


Girasol Be Our Guest

  • Ring slings come in three sizes and have a gathered shoulder and silver rings. A small is 1.7meters, medium is 2 meters, and large is 2.5 meters.


    Girasol wrap bags: small bags are 30x30 cm and the large bags are 42x43cm. Both have a long strap so that you can wear the bag across your body. The bag has one large opening (no inside pockets). An example of the Girasol bag is posted with the pictures. 

    There is a $25 deposit required to pre-order a bag and the final price for the wrap bags are:

    Small $45

    Large $65


    Girasol Meh Dai

    There is a $65 deposit to pre-order a meh dai and the final price is $199.


    The Meh Dai is made from two layers of high-quality cross-body sling fabric that nestles like a second skin around the baby being carried and so provides optimum support. The Meh Dail may be worn with each side facing out – practically two differently coloured baby slings in one! 
    The Meh Dai has been designed to grow with the child in order to ensure that users get the most from it for as long as possible: the width of the material between the legs may be smoothly and easily adjusted, which is important for the crouching position with legs spread apart and for encouraging the healthy development of the hips, particularly during the first year. 


    The back section may be extended such that the sling will still safely and pleasantly fit even after the child has experienced his or her initial bursts of growth, the integrated hood supports the sleeping baby's head and protects it against the sun; the hood's width is also adjustable. Padded shoulder straps and a padded and stabilized hip belt also make the Meh Dai comfortable for the person carrying the baby. 

    May be used from birth to toddler 
    Finished entirely from the sling-cloth fabric, no hard plastic components 


    The panel is 16" deep and 15" wide at the base and the straps are 72".




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