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Inspired by the beloved Dobby, Free Elf is handwoven by Girasol in a standard twill weave and a creme weft. Free Elf was inspired by the watercolor artwork seen in the pictures below. When I first saw the watercolor painting, I thought it was a perfect representation of how Dobby felt after being freed. And, even in his death, he was happy and content to have lived as a free elf and made such good friends in Harry and the others. The colors represent happiness and joy.


As a free elf, Dobby loved collecting clothing - especially socks. Thus when doing a re-weave of this favorite in 2018, Risaroo HQ decided it was high time for Dobby to have some new pairs of socks!! Sporting a striking diamond weave pattern, the new colorways - mustard and violet - were selected based on Dobby's Christmas presents in Goblet of Fire. From Harry - a pair of mustard yellow socks (filon de oro weft) and from Ron - a pair of violet socks (rosa fuschia weft). Diamond weave is slightly thicker and denser than standard twill. Its GSM is ~230 vs. 215 of standard twill. The pattern and weft changes are a delightful new spin and add to Dobby's wardrobe in a way we hope he'd love!


100% cotton | Handwoven in Guatemala

Girasol Free Elf - Violet Socks

  • Ring slings

    Ring slings may be offered in three sizes and have a gathered shoulder.  Ring color may vary to coordinate with a design and will be noted in each listing. A small is 1.7 meters. A medium is 2 meters. A large is 2.5 meters.


    Girasol wrap bags

    Small bags are 30x30 cm and the large bags are 42x43cm. Both have a long strap so that you can wear the bag across your body. The bag has one large opening (no inside pockets). 


    Girasol MySol / WrapMySol (meh dai style carrier)

    The MySol and WrapMySol are meh dai style carreirs made from two layers of high-quality cross-body sling fabric that nestles like a second skin around the baby being carried and so provides optimum support. The Meh Dail may be worn with each side facing out.

    The Meh Dai has been designed to grow with the child in order to ensure that users get the most from it for as long as possible: the panel adjusts for width at the base using velcro to secure the adjusted width. This allows children of all ages to maintain to appropriate "M" supported posiition thus encouraging the healthy development of the hips, particularly during the first year. 


    The waistband is completely removable. The body panel has two channels to thread the waistband, thus adjusting the height of the panel for small infants up to toddlers.  The integrated hood supports the sleeping baby's head and protects it against the sun; the hood's width is also adjustable.


    The MySol has 72" padded shoulder straps. The WrapMySol has unpadded, wrap-style shoudler straps that are 72" to the short taper and 80" to the long taper. Both optiions feature a padded and stabilized waist belt also make the Meh Dai comfortable for the person carrying the baby. The panel is 16" deep and 15" wide at the base

    May be used from birth to toddler 
    Finished entirely from the sling-cloth fabric, no hard plastic components.


    Mini MySol (toy meh dai)

    The Mini MySol is a toy meh dai style carrier that will allow your older child to carry along side you in style! Suitable for ages 18 months and older. The panel is ~10"x11". On the back panel there is a small pocket. Now all the small treasures are safe! May be worn in front and back positions.






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