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Risaroo 2nd Annual Design Contest

Have you been looking for the perfect Girasol wrap and just haven't found it yet? Now is your chance to design your dream wrap! We will accept design submissions beginning today through Wednesday, November 18 at 8pm CDT. All designs will then be posted for you to vote on. The design with the most votes at the end of round 2 will be posted as a pre-order. The winning designer will receive a free wrap of their design in the size of their choice. Check out the design rules below and start working on your dream wrap!

Design Contest Rules:

When submitting your design, please follow these rules: -submit your design with the names of the colors used

-only use colors from the chart below -submit your design with your preferred weave choice (standard twill, cross twill, diamond weave, double diamond weave, herringbone) -submit your preferred choice of weft from the chart below -Girasol wraps are 70cm wide and there are 1280 threads across that width, so keep that in mind when creating your design. The smallest # of threads that can be used is 2. -A graphic representation of the wrap must be submitted via a computer program. Some programs that work well are Photoshop, Microsoft Paint and even Excel. -You can submit multiple designs, but please submit 1 entry per email

-email your submissions to with your name and Design Contest Entry as the subject e.g. (Your Name - Design Contest Entry)

-Only designs that follow these rules will be accepted and posted during the voting period

-You can submit a name for your design, but it is not required.

-If you have any questions, please email us at -Have fun!!

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