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June Photo Scavenger Hunt

Risaroo is turning four! We are continuing the celebration with a photo scavenger hunt. Feel free to save the photos to your phone to help you remember what to do. You may also copy and paste the text and the bottom of the blog to help you remember. Feel free to be creative and think outside the box, too. Not doing back carries yet? Use a stuffed animal instead!

Have fun! #risarooturns4

Don't have your own carrier from Risaroo? Check your local lending library, with a friend, or go snag one of the in stock items!


• Pictures must be using Risaroo Baby Carriers & More products only

• Please use new photos • One entry per picture (please title your photo with which one you are doing)

• The contest will run from 6/1/2016-6/30/2016

• You must use the hashtag #risaroohunt

• If posting outside of the Facebook group, your photos must be set to public so we can find them to award points • You can use the tag on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

• Please be sure to tag your babywearing group!

• Winners in the US will receive free shipping. International winners must pay exact shipping.

• Each photo you complete will get you one point

There will be three (well, four considering there are two carriers up for grabs) prizes available. The person with the highest points will win. If you complete all of the photo ops, you will receive an extra 25 points. If multiple people receive the same amount of points, winner will be drawn from those names.

First place prize: A carrier for you AND your lending library of choice (excludes Tula)

Second place prize: 15% off your purchase

Third place prize: 10% off your purchase

Wear/use/show a Risaroo carrier in the following situations:

1. Front carry

2. Back carry

3. Hip carry

4. Tandem carry

5. Doing laundry

6. Sweeping

7. Cooking

8. With a friend

9. Outdoors

10. Somewhere meaningful to you

11. Extended family wearing

12. At a city landmark

13. With a sleeping baby

14. Transfer

15. Feeding

16. Exercising

17. Shopping

18. Gardening

19. Reading

20. Free choice!

21. Doing the dishes

22. While wearing something other than a child

23. At night

24. On a walk/hike

25. With your hands full

26. At a library

27. Mirror selfie

28. With your mail person

29. Drinking a hot drink

30. While hula hooping

31. As a prop

32. In a gown or suit

33. How-to babywearing video

34. While pushing a stroller or cart

35. With wearee making a silly face

36. While you make faces

37. Near water (E.g. lake, ocean, or river)

38. Stash shot

39. With a rainbow

40. Somewhere a stroller can’t go

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